TPR Non Drip, Antibacterial Durable Silicone Toilet Brush - PR Global Store

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TPR Non Drip, Antibacterial Durable Silicone Toilet Brush - PR Global Store

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Get the perfect clean with our Anti Bacterial Silicone Toilet Brush! 


  • Suspended toilet brush, brand new upgrade, special toilet brush for cracked corners.
  • With multiple functions, we are persistently pursuing better quality.
  • Easily deal with various scenes, easy to clean, and easy to handle dirty urine stains.
  • The soft bristles can go deep into the toilet pipe, leaving stains nowhere to hide.
  • Volatilize freely without accumulating water. Drain in the air, and say goodbye to the toilet flush.
  • TPR soft tongue-shaped brush head has stronger cleaning power and better cleaning than traditional bristles.
  • High efficiency and softness, strong decontamination and no hair loss, can clean any corner of the toilet deeply.
  • Tongue-shaped brush head, close to the inner wall, easy to clean the corners and dark grooves. 
  • The corners can be brushed, and even small gaps can be cleaned.
  • The brush head is highly flexible and fits the wall of the side channel pipe. 
  • Hair is not easy to entangle, and housework is easier.
  • Say goodbye to peculiar smell, return you fresh air, ventilate and dry without peculiar smell.
  • Perforation-free and durable. Nail-free installation, strong and non-marking stickers, durable and stable, not easy to fall.
Product Design:
Soft rubber brush head, thick brush head, strong adsorption force, effective decontamination, clean after flush.
The humanized handle and ergonomic curved handle give you a comfortable touch.
Rounded corners, one-piece molding, rounded corners, thick materials.
It is ventilated to dry, and the internal hollow suspension design prevents the breeding of bacteria and is easy to clean.

Our customers love it!

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    Product reviews

    17 reviews


    I really like the toilet brush! The brush looks good and I'm looking forward to using it after I get it. After testing, the effect is very good and I am very pleased. I suggest to buy one more if the house has several bathrooms because the quality is really good, recommend


    The TPR brush head looks very good and the toilet brush head is also very textured. This is a very good product, recommend


    Everything ok


    I received the package, the logistics is very fast, the packaging is very good, the product is very practical, the brush is very soft, and it is more convenient to use. After using it, put it on the wall, it is very beautiful


    We have plastic boom


    I received the package soon. The brush head can clean the dirt on the inner wall of the toilet very well. After the toilet brush is placed in the toilet brush shelf, the toilet brush shelf can automatically open and close. It is a very good idea. Recommend




    excellent..Good brush..just need to put extra tape


    Excellent brush, thanks to the seller!


    Shipment dotar?a in just over 2 wks. Super quality and solution. Recommend.


    Recommend honest seller Fast shipping




    I received the parcel very quickly and the packing was very good. The merchant used to pack bubble columns that well protected the toilet brush inside. The goods was exactly the same as the picture description, satisfactory


    Small nozzle. Expected bigger size




    Super brush fast shipping recommend


    Complies with the description. Caution evacuation of water from below.