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Slimming Cream Fast Burning Fat Loss Cream - PR Global Store

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Want to lose weight without going on a diet or hard workout routines?

Cellulite cream fights unwanted fat on the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks skin, eliminate the appearance of cellulite and burn away unwanted fat cells. This cream improves cellular metabolism, blood circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This cream has a strong warming effect that helps to eliminate cell fat deposits.



Natural Unique Ingredients

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    28 reviews


    It is soft to the touch and when you apply the massage adheres well, then you feel the heat.


    I hope it works. Thank you seller


    I love the smell. In general I have a very sensitive skin, but I have no problem with this cream


    Haven't tryed it yet but will keep update after.


    I didn't think it was good at first, I applied it to feel nothing, then I realized it activates when you do physical activity, run, weight, bike, it's when you really notice and a lot, it burns quite the truth, in fact I will make another request because it is truly worth it, But that detail needs to be taken into account, it activates doing exercises, sitting or sitting on the couch is throwing away the money.


    While I was walking for three months, I already lost so much that I just have nowhere to smear it.


    Everything came in whole. The jars are well closed and packed in a puffy. I ordered two at once. Each volume of 200 gr. When used, it feels warm and burning. Additional feedback I will write in days 10. I will look at the result. I adhere to low carbohydrate and additionally take arginine and carnitine in front of the hall.


    Super fast delivery, I love the product it worked on me I?m glad. This was my second order. I will order more.


    The product was very late but I received the article after, so I'm happy.


    It was signature required when i recieved it high five for that thank you hope it works i gave five stars already thank you seller


    The cream is equal to the image, and the delivery is very fast. Thanks to the seller.


    The package was crumpled, but inside everything is OK


    Second time I ask and it's very good


    awesome fire lol, it's hot, makes u sweat the fat out


    Hi. I ordered 29. 11. 19 received at the Post Office 15. 01. 20 in M. Oh. Whole. To buy I recommend, the seller of good sales and prosperity. About the benefits of the purchased purchase will be written off later.


    Well received, I mettrai a second comment after use

    Kevin L.

    Ive only started using it, your delivery was excellant, ask in a couple weeks of weeks, tha?k you Kevin Lean.


    The cream gives a lot of heat for 10 min almost burns my skin.


    Super. I'm taking the second one. Take it will not regret it.


    Well received not tried yet I will come back to you after thank you for the speed of delivery


    Product well received identical to the description, remains to see the results after use, thank you seller


    Fast delivery and yes this product feeling burn after apply 1min .


    oh my God this's extremely hot and you feel the effect when you use it well (wear a sauna belte after applying the cream) tummy is burning I like it


    I try it very hot and nice I think I will got good result


    The cream came quickly! Thank you very much to the seller! I'll try!


    Super that works well with lrs feelings of heat to see if it makes you lose weight?




    Continued ahead of thank you