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Oral Irrigator USB Rechargeable Water Flosser - PR Global Store

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PR Global's Mornwell D52 Dental Water Flosser can blasts away plaque and debris between teeth and below the gumline for a deep and thorough clean.

Your mouth is the gateway to your overall health, so keeping your gums healthy is essential.

Provides an easy and effective way to support proper teeth and gum health at home.

This oral irrigator is also perfect for anyone with braces, implants, crowns or periodontal pockets.


Dental Health Care

Mornwell oral irrigator water jet delivers water pressure from 40-90psi with 1400 pulses per minute. Deeply cleaning every corner precisely that traditional floss can hardly reach, removes stains and residue between tooth gaps or gingival sulcus. Brings you oral health and fresh breath.

3 Cleaning Modes

1. Normal (Standard mode) 2. Soft (Gentle mode) 3. Pulse (Massage mode)

Long Battery Life

The oral irrigator with 1400mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and universal voltage(100 to 240V) can works up to 2 weeks after fully charged. Water-proof seat charger pin protect design eliminate the risk of electric shock. 2 minutes Auto shut off prevent energy waste and extend battery life.

USB Charging Design

USB charging cordless water flosser, compatible with any power source with a USB port, safer and more convenient to use at home or travel.

4 Tips To Meet Your Needs

1 * Tongue Scraper 3 * Standard Tips

High Volume Water Tank

The detachable 300mL water tank with anti-slip design offers about 60 seconds water flows, enough for you to get through your whole mouth cleaning routine.

2 Ways To Fill Water Tank

IPX7 Waterproof

The waterproof design allows you to wash Mornwell oral irrigator. But long submerging in water is not suggested.

What you will get:

1 * Oral Irrigator Handle 3 * Classic Nozzle 1 * Tongue Scraper 1 * USB Charging Cable 1 * User Manual

Warm tips:

1. If you want to use with water, mouthwash or anti-bacterial rinses, follow the suggestions of your dentist or hygienist. 2. Don't face to your eyes when you turn on the Water Flosser.

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    Product reviews

    21 reviews


    On Wednesday I ordered, on Saturday I got it! Super! All as in the description, beats powerful, the effect is felt immediately. To buy I recommend!


    Super! Delivery to Door 5 days. Powerful jet. Everything works fine. Thank you.


    Delivery is very fast. SPB 4 days. This thing is cool. Why didn't I know about her before? Everything is super. Thank you seller!!!!


    This is the second gift. Delivery to the door in Samara 4-5 days!


    Irrigation works fine. The power of the jet gives out good


    Delivery fast, everything works great! Thank you to the seller.


    Real MUST HAVE. Can recomend it to everyone. Fast delivery also


    The seller's shipping was very fast but delayed due to the Corona crisis. The device arrived as in the picture with 3 heads and head to clean the tongue and 3 speeds with a bag to save the device and charger U sp.


    It works well. It looks of quality. He arrived very quickly considering how the subject is.


    Irrigator excellent, 3 functions, several nozzles. I always use it. Irrigator came back in February. Great purchase and at a great price. Recommend


    The machine is very excellent and thank the seller


    Thank you to the seller. Excellent machine, battery enough for a few weeks, clean canceled


    The order arrived in only 2 weeks. It's as described. Recommended Product and seller.


    Very quickly arrived in Kiev, in 12 days, delivery by courier ukrpost. Irrigator is good, made qualitatively. The nozzle for the tongue I somehow did not appreciate, the toothbrush is more convenient for me to clean the tongue. And the nozzle usual like, a couple of days used in the software mode, then switched to normal, the gums perceived well. I love to wash long and thoroughly, so that I have one tank of 300 ml enough for one jaw from the outside and inside. So that the whole bath is not in the water, you must first insert the irrigator into your mouth, and then press the button on. Just like to take out -- first turn off, then take out. This is my first irrigator, nothing to compare with. Happy with the purchase. According to the sensations, the dental floss replaces me, although some doctors say that it is better to use both themes and themes. Yes, and the irrigator should be used after brushing your teeth, when there are no large residues of food. Otherwise, they can be trapped under the gums, as far as I understood, reviewing the video and beginning the articles.


    I liked the irrigator very much, for the first time, however, everything sprayed only). Then brought, the remains of the food wash perfectly. When first use, they can bleed the gums, then they get used, the irrigator massages them. A week later, she switched to normal. Especially those who have braces, take, reduce the cleaning time by half.


    Because of coronavirus, the seller did not send the parcel for a long time, so the irrigator came in a month (which is still fast enough). The kit includes a USB charging cable, an irrigator, an English manual and three identical nozzles with different colors rings for use by several people + a nozzle with a spoon for cleaning the tongue. The Irrigator already comes charged, so you can immediately try it in action. Soft mode gives a decent such pressure, so be careful. The first time passed normally, the teeth sparkle clean, but the gums are bleeding strongly (they are sensitive to me). So far, everyone is happy, maybe I will add a tip.




    It came in a few days. The whole packaging will not count. The device works perfectly


    If you have not yet decided on the choice, take this one, you will not regret.


    Ordered 10.01 and received 05.02. Well packed, received in good condition. Item as described and works great. Thank you seller!


    Excellent once