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Magic Velvet Sofa Cover Stretchable with Pillowcases - PR Global Store

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- High-density fabric protects your sofa from unexpected stains.
- Screen print technology used for strong color fastness.
- Elastic fabric for easy application.
- Bandage and sponge bar design offers perfect fit and non-slip grip.
- Available in different colors and patterns design to match any interior.
- Can be used at home, hotel or at special events.
- Comes in 4 sizes, will fit different sofas and couches.
- Totally machine washable.

Package contains:
1x 1/2/3/4 seater
1x Pillowcase
1 set Several Free Foam Stick

Material:Polyester + Spandex
Applicable sofa: Armless sofa,Armrest sofa, L-shaped sofa, Sectional Sofa
For: canape salon/sofa covers for living room/covers for a corner sofa/furniture covers/cover for furniture

Single-seat sofa cover: suitable for sofa size 90-140 cm
Double-seat sofa cover: suitable for sofa size 145-185 cm
Three-seat sofa cover: suitable for sofa size 190-230 cm
Four-seat sofa cover: suitable for sofa size 235-300 cm

L shape sofa cover measure:
-Please note that specifications: 1-seat 90-140cm, 2-seater 145-185cm, 3-seater 190-230cm,4-seater 235-300cm
-one case. If you have an L-shaped sofa, then you need to order 2 covers.
-For example: If AA = 145-185 cm, BB = 190-230 cm, you need to order (1 pc. 2-seater + 1 pc. 3-seater)
-If AA = 190-230 cm, BB = 235-300 cm, you need to order (1 pc. 3-seater + 1 pc. 4-seater)
-Look carefully at the chart. If you can not choose, then write to us, we will help you.

sofa cover L shape_
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