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MacBuddy - Multipurpose Laptop Sleeve With Integrated Stand & Mouse Pad - PR Global Store

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The world's most multifunctional laptop sleeve is here which makes work on-the-go more convenient!

Work as productively as possible with MacBuddy - Multipurpose Laptop Sleeve With Integrated Stand & Mouse Pad. With a 4-in-1 design, this case has an integrated mousepad, ergonomic stand, and comfortable wrist rest. Simply pull your computer out and prop this 4-in-1 gadget up, and you’ll be ready to work in an instant.

Even though this laptop cover has multiple uses, it’s still just 20 millimeters thick. It’s thin, making it easy to carry with you or slide it in your backpack. Convenient to take with you on work trips or vacations. Furthermore, the case has strong built-in magnets that ensure your laptop stays secure inside.


Protective Case for Your Laptop - With MacBuddy, you can freely carry your laptop without worrying about potential damage if your backpack drops or if you bump into a wall. The laptop case is adequately padded and in-built strong magnets further ensure your laptop stays safe inside the case, even with heavy shaking.

Lightweight and Portable - Weighs 420g and it’s only 20mm thick. The lightweight and unique design make it convenient to carry about. The accessory is stylish enough to be carried freely in your hand and compact enough to seamlessly fit into your backpack. Either way, your laptop is guaranteed adequate protection from external trauma.

Easy to Set Up Laptop Stand - Once you’re ready to use your laptop, you can easily switch your MacBuddy to a laptop stand. Doing so will help you assume an ergonomic posture while working. Setting up the stand takes only a few seconds. 

Stable Stand - The stand’s triangle structure ensures it’s strong and stable enough to hold a dozen books. You never have to worry about your laptop sliding off the stand!

Multiple Angle Elevation - The laptop stand can be adjusted to an elevation of 15° or 35°. The perfect adjustment for you would depend on your height and the platform you’re setting up the stand on. In the event that there’s no raised platform to set up your stand on, the accessory is stable enough to balance on your laps. And it’s much more convenient and healthier than placing your laptop directly on your laps.

Perfect Fit Soft Wrist Rest - Wrist pain is a common complaint among people that work for long hours on their laptops. With MacBuddy innovative design, you can operate your laptop without worrying about wrist pain or Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

Integrated Mouse Pad - No more carrying extra mouse pad. The cover easily props up as a mouse pad.

Durable and Waterproof - Made from padded PU leather that offers great protection from scratch, bumps and water.

Comes with Mouse and Power Case - Each MacBuddy comes with a smaller PU leather case for your power cord and mouse.


Package Listing:

There are three options when buying

A: laptop sleeve bag with Power pack*1
B: laptop sleeve bag no Power pack*1
C: Power pack*1

Product Size:

External dimensions:
13.3 inch:255mm*335mm approx.
14.1inch :  280mm*372mm approx.
15.4inch :  280mm*372mm approx.

Internal dimensions:
13.3 inch :  240mm*320mm approx.
14.1inch :  265mm*367mm approx.
15.4inch :  265mm*367mm approx.

Power pack size:

85mm*140mm*50mm approx.

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