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Ionic Electric Styling Frizz Free Hairbrush - PR Global Store

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Do you have wish you could magically make your frizzy hair DISAPPEAR
Want an EASY way to do it in SECONDS ?


Well you need this Electric Ionic Styling Hairbrush - This emits negative ions to balance out your hair leaving it SILKY soft, SMOOTH and FRIZZ-FREE!
Constant brushing and towel drying your hair STRIPS away the negative ions. This electric combs, emits negative ions which REDUCES your split ends, knots and gives you a LUSCIOUS look.
It's 100% portable so you can take it ANYWHERE and never have a bad hair day AGAIN. Simply turn the brush on, it will silently vibrate and emit ions while providing a massage like experience to your scalp. Are you ready to say GOODBYE to your old brush?


  • 1 x Electric Ionic Styling Hairbrush



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    Product reviews

    7 reviews


    perfect, came in the exact color that was requested. simply wonderful


    For the first time i saw a comb with ionization function and realized that i needed it. After all, everyone wants beautiful well-groomed hair, and the comb has many properties that can improve their condition. And indeed, after several uses, the result is visible. Hair becomes more smooth, obedient and shiny. Also, the manufacturer claims that after long-term use, hair loss, headaches and dizziness will decrease. The comb works from the 1st aaa battery. It can be easily disassembled by pressing the button and removing the front part can be washed without a block. Side there is button on/off. When turned on, the blue indicator lights from below and a sound appears, something like a pinch. # Shipping 2 weeks. Packed in a branded box, there is a manual in english. The comb was in an individual package. Everything came safe and sound. Purchase pretty # recommend


    The brush hair is arrived in Italy with free plotted in 14 days well packed in one envelope bubble wrap. The brush is provided in its box where inside you will find a brochure with explanations for use. It is a working at ion brush serves a AAA battery batteries not included. The ion brush is a repairman accessory battery operated that acts as a treatment for our hair. His three key strong points are the smoothing, treatment and the shine hair. How does it work? Balances the electricity of the canopy Releasing negative ions which neutralize positive ones naturally present in it is that fragilizzano Fiber capillary. This technology allows ions also limit the split ends hair frizz and makes it easier to sbrogliare. The effects of the brushes ion fade after a few hours is so important to have her always available for small touch up.


    Delivery 9 days to voronezh with tracking Came in the box, the instruction was included. Works from 1 little finger battery (not included). Turns on the lever on the side, while the bulb lights up. Disassembled easily and washed the part that is just a comb. I can say that this is a good massage comb, which does not tear the hair, well masks the scalp and removes static electricity. And how will affect the health of hair ionization-i'll look more.


    Excellent comb, comes in a box with instructions. Batteries are not included, you need a little aaa. It opens a little tight. When you turn on the light bulb and bring to the hair you can hear a slight crackle, the current does not beat. After 2 weeks of application, the hair is much less fluff and electrified. Hair does not cling and does not tear. I liked what you can wear in a bag. In the hand lies comfortably. I can recommend to buy.


    Will still experience, then count. Coming, maybe because parties .. But here is and comes with a gift!!!! Thank You!!! The seller was very kind!

    Nigel K.

    Ideal addition to my handbag. Small and keeps my hair conditioned and shiny