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BREYLEE Vitamin C Whitening Facial Cream - PR Global Store

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Do you suffer from pigmentation or sun damaged skin? BREYLEE's Highly Concentrated Vitamin C Cream targets dark spots, skin damage restore damaged skin cells.


  • Highly concentrated 20% Vitamin C cream with anti-toxidant protection
  • Prevent melanin formation
  • Restore damaged skin cells
  • Targets dark spots and skin damage and blemishes
  • Leaves your skin looking fresher, whiter and brighter
  • Ingrediants include Vitamin C and Shea butter
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Soft light cream free from oil bases
  • Take the 28 days challenge for fresher and brighter looking skin


  • NET WT: 40g/ml
  • Item Type: Vitamin C Whitening Facial Cream Freckles Cream
  • Feature: Repairing Skin Treatment
  • Effiency: Prevent melanin formation Whitening and Brightening the skin color
  • Function: Remove Dark Spots and Brighten skin
  • Advantage: Refreshing, Not Oily, Easy to be Absorbed



Vitamin C, With Antioxidant Protection, This Product Can Prevent Melanin Formation. Also With Such Functions As Whitening And Brightening The Skin Color, And Removing Blemishes And Melanin, It Can Restore Skin Health, Promote Skin Metabolism And Activate Damaged Skin Cells So As To Restore Elasticity.


BREYLEE Whitening Face Cream

Whitening and Moisturizing

Remove Dark Spots and Brighten skin


A Soft And Light Face Cream

Refreshing, Not Oily

That Is Easily Absorbed By Your Skin



Analysis Of Ingredients

Vitamin C

Inhibit And Remove Melanin, Accelerate Metabolism, And Gloss Skin


Anti-Oxidation, Skin Whitening, And Prevent Allergy



Principle Of Whitening

LANBENA Face Cream

Accelerating Metabolic Capability To Drain Melanin

Disintegrating Melanin

Restraining Melanogenesis




We are sure you are going to love it once you try!


Actual Feedback From Users:


My Skin Condition Was So Bad Before Using The Cream. Now, I Have Robust And Glossy Skin



The Cream Is Easy To Be Daubed And Absorbed By My Skin For Its Fine Feeling, Just Like Silk Fabrics. When I Used It The First Time, I Thought That It Would Be Greasy By The End Of The Day, But Not At All!




How to use:

After Cleansing, Apply Toner First, Then Apply An Appropriate Amount Of Cream Onto Your Facial Skin, And Gently Massage With Fingers Till It Is Fully Absorbed


Rich in Vitamin C

Product Name: BREYLEE Whitening Remove Dark Spots Cream

Specifications: 40g

Effects: With antioxidant protection,  prevent melanin formation whitening and brightening the skin color

Ingredients: Aqua,  Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter),  Hydrolyzed

Yeast Protein,  Glycerin,  3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid,  Sodium Hyaluronate

Skin Types:  Suitable For Various Skin Types

Shelf Life:  3 Years

Caution:  For Sensitive Skin, It Is Recommended To Conduct An Allergy Test On The Back Of The Ear Before Using The Product



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