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Massage Mat Pro Full Body Massage Mattress - PR Global Store

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Do you suffer from back and shoulder pain and tension? Experience true relaxation on any chair, sofa, or bed with our Brand New Massage Mat Pro. 

What could be more luxurious than having your own massage chair waiting for you at home whenever you need to relax? With the Massage Mat Pro, your home becomes your own personal massage therapy room. The unique design of this massage mat means that it can be placed on any surface you like – as long as there’s room for you to sit or lie down, you can enjoy a soothing massage whenever the mood takes you.

If you’re looking to combine a massage mat with heat, this is the perfect choice. At the touch of a button, the two heated panels in the mat will warm you up in no time, with or without massage. Whether you’re reading your favourite magazine or drifting off into a nap, you’ll love how it feels to recline on this massage mat.

Health Benefits:

  1. Reduce Stress
  2. Improve sleep
  3. Relieve tension, muscle stiffness, aches and pain
  4. Accelerate metabolism
  5. Mindfullness and relaxation


  • New Generation Upgraded Massage Mat. Three dimensional simulation 
  • High grade quality fabrics for ultimate comfort. Easy to clean.
  • Infrared heat points to give extra comfort and muscle healing
  • Simply use for 15 mins up to 3-4 times a week for at home massage benefits
  • Easy to store & 100% portable
  • Use at home, at your desk, sofa, bed, lounger or car.
  • 8 Massage modes to focus on neck, back, shoulder, leg stiffness and pain
  • 8 Massage heads to relax stiff muscles, relieve pain and reduce fatigue
  • Vibrating motors targeting your neck and back muscles


  • Item Type: Multifunction Massager Mattress
  • Color: As shown in pictures
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: 166*58*2.5cm
  • Cable Length: 1.55m
  • Voltage:220V/25w/50Hz
  • Weight: About 3kg

Package Included:
1 x Massager Mattress
1 x Adapter
1 x Remote Controller

Reduce stress, improve sleep quality.
Relax muscle, relieve pain, reduce fatigue.
Accelerate the metabolism, enhance human immunity.

8 Massage Modes:
  • F1-Scrapping: Can promote circulation, remove stasis and clear heat for detumescence.
  • F2-Beating: Can stimulate and adjust physiology process and eliminate fatigue.
  • F3-Kneading: Accelerate blood circulation and give you a thorough relaxation.
  • F4-Stroking: Regulating visceral activities and relaxing the muscles.
  • F5-Hammering: To stimulate acupuncture points and accelerate blood circulation.
  • F6-Shiatsu: Massage the specific points on the body to enhance human immunity.
  • F7-Rolling: Accelerate the metabolism and eliminate fatigue.
  • F8-Vibrating: Relax muscle, relieve pain and improve sleep quality.

















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    Product reviews

    13 reviews


    The parcel received in Uzbekistan somewhere in a month 2. was packed well, straight very firmly, barely opened, and inside was packed in bubble film, nothing is damaged, everything is in place, a fairly large volume, there is a remote control, a mattress, and a cable. Vibrates not very much, but I recommend, I liked it very much


    amazing loveee ittt..


    The massager works, thank the seller. only the adapter to connect to the socket is inconvenient.


    All OK


    Fast shipping. The exact usage


    Very good.


    works great


    Excellent massager, perfectly restores and cheers. I advise you personally checked.


    Got the mattress working. No documentation but the control panel is clear. you can take for massage in the entire height from the neck to the knees!!!


    Very good I recommend




    Works, heats, vibrates, everything makes noisy... But for this price is wonderful!


    Everything is good, just why there were no boxes? The mattress was wrapped in 2 layers of thin film and put in a mail bag. Luckily nothing's broken.