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Battery Storage Organizer with Tester 98 Batteries - PR Global Store

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Say goodbye to the chaos of cluttered, unorganized drawers and say hello to the handy, Battery Storage Organizer with Tester! This convenient organizer features various slots that are the perfect size for different battery types, plus it has an integrated battery-power tester. Keep up to 98 batteries in this handy box and then store it easily and neatly in a drawer, cabinet or closet. This organizer can also be mounted to the wall, for maximum, space-saving efficiency. 


  • Neat Storage Option-  Free up your valuable drawer space and de-clutter with this innovative battery organizer. The perfect place to store all of those extra AA and AAA batteries you have squirreled away around your home.
  • Easy Access To Batteries- Holds 54 AA, 36 AAA, 5 9Volt , 5 C, 4 D, & 6 WATCH BATTERIES: This battery storage organizer has a place for batteries of every size. They're easy to see and sort, and you know when it's time to restock!
  • Removable Power Tester- Check your batteries (even rechargeable & lithium) and never toss out a good battery again - Tester is powered directly by the battery being tested.
  • Easy Storage- Place your battery organizer in a cabinet, closet or drawer or mount it to the wall using the included mounting hardware. Features swivel and slightly angular storage rows for easy removal of batteries whether stored in the drawer or on a wall.
  • Efficient Design- The ultimate option for battery organization, this battery storage option features an efficient design and is constructed of durable, plastic.

Product Details:

    • Color: Black
    • Material: Plastic, Acrylic
    • Size: 13.78 x 6.69 x 1.57 inches
    • Package Contents:1 x Battery Organizer with Energy Tester (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED)
  • This item is a battery storage organizer with a removable battery tester and a capicity of storing up to 98 batteries in various sizes. The tester doesnt require any batteries for operation. It works on the power of the battery you are testing. This item greatly help to eliminate your cluttered drawers and closets to keep your batteries neat and organized. Perfect for storage of AAA, AA, D, C, 9 volt and button cells.


    - Color: Black
    - Size: 35 x 18 x 5 cm (L x W x H)
    - Material: Plastic
    - Made of durable plastic material, durable, sturdy, simple and easy to use.
    - Classified compartments. Easily and neatly organize your batteries in order.
    - Store it flat in a drawer or closet or mount it on the wall.
    - Includes a removable battery tester, very handy for battery test.
    - Holds up to 98 pcs batteries in different sizes. 48pcs AA, 24pcs AAA, 8pcs D Cell, 10pcs C Cell, 8pcs 9V, and several button cell batteries.




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    John B.

    A brilliant idea Every home should have one


    Chic organizer for batteries, the tester works properly, I recommend the store!!!


    Great product


    good trade thanks