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Anti-Fog Swim Goggles - PR Global Store

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See clearly while swimming with these anti-fog goggles!  

  • Get Maximum Comfort, Clear And Wide Visibility, And Protection To The Eyes, Without Compromising On Style And Convenience!
  • The Elite Professional Swim Goggles offer an all-around solution to any swimmer looking to get the most out of every swim. Designed with an emphasis on comfort, these goggles are lightweight and flexible and have unique memory-silicon padding which takes the shape of your face to create the best, most comfortable fit, while ensuring a 100% leak-proof seal.
  • The goggles’ straps are flexible and comfortable, and are easily adjustable, and have a convenient back clip for easy and quick on and off.
  • The goggles’ lenses are curved and wide to create a large field of vision and have an anti-fog treatment to ensure you have the clearest and sharpest vision throughout your entire swim.
  • To protect the eyes when swimming outdoors, the Elite Professional Swim Goggles offer UV protection to your eyes. Choose the darker lenses for additional shading of the eyes.


  • Comfortable: soft silicone materials provide ultra-comfort while creating a leak-proof seal
  • Adjustable: snug fit on different facial forms with the help of an adjustable band
  • Visibility: Provides a wide viewing angle to maintain clarity
  • Protection and durability: Impact-proof, anti-fog, UV protection, mirror glass to protect the eyes
  • Ease of wearing: Well-designed clasp makes it easy to put goggles on and take off
  • Quality materials: Double cover gasket & sealing ring prevent leakage
  • Convenient: easy back clasp and attached earplugs make the goggles extra convenient to use


Package Includes: 1 x Anti Fog Goggles


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    Everything corresponds to the description and perfectly suited.


    Good glasses. Thank you seller recommend


    This product is 5 +, the buckle of the hood. Sending and delivery without comments (the time is not outside), the goods were sent by the express company bypassing the mail of russia.