3D Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Gift Set - PR Global Store

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3D Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Gift Set - PR Global Store

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Want to up your eyelash game? Are you sick and tired of wearing falsh lashes that ruin your eye lashes? Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes are really beautiful and so light to wear, it's so easy to forget you are wearing them!


  • Unleash your Lashes with Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes. 
  • Our FUSS FREE FALSIES last all day long and can be worn time & time again! Our EASY TO APPLY MAGNETIC LASHES look fabulous without the faff! 
  • Our Magnetic Liner Lashes are Cruelty-Free Magnetic EyeLashes and NEVER tested on Animals.
Magnetic Eyeliner - Laura's Lashes

Revolutionary Lashes!

Find out for yourself why millions are saying goodbye to their Individual Eyelash Extensions thanks to our Lashes. Designed for ease and affordability you will never use messy glue on your eyes EVER AGAIN!

Magnetic Lash - Laura's Lashes

All Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes are made from High-Quality Fibre: Our Magnetic Eyelashes Look Beautiful & Saving you money! 

Magnetic Eyelashes - Laura's Lashes

All our Magnetic Lashes are:

QUICK & EASY TO APPLY >> Apply our Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes in seconds!

REUSABLE >> Save money with our Magnetic Lashes and Liner 

WATERPROOF & LIGHTWEIGHT >> All Magnetic Lash Sets are durable & strong, smudge-proof and as light as a feather, you may forget you are wearing them!

SAY GOODBYE TO EYELASH GLUE>> No more itchy eyelids!

Vegan Eyelashes - Laura's Lashes

With proper use and storage, our False Magnetic Eyelashes can be used multiple times  - Our Magnetic Eyelashes are universal and fit all eye sizes, you can even trim them for a better fit! They are so comfortable and light, you may even forget that you are wearing them

Magnetic Lashes Package Lash Sets Contents:

2 Pairs of Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes and Rose Gold Compact Mirror

1 x Magnetic Eyeliner

1 x Eyelash Application Tweezers

Now it is time to Unleash your Lashes with Magnetic Eyelashes. NO FUSS False Lashes that last all day and can be worn time again for up to 35 days! Our Magnetic Lashes are EASY TO APPLY, WATERPROOF and they look fabulous without the faffing about! NO MORE ITCHY, TOXIC EYELASH GLUE!

How to apply Magnetic Eyelashes - Laura's Lashes


The Magnetic Eyeliner enables the flawless application of Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes. Sweep over the eyelid, then attach the Magnetic Lashes to the Eyeliner which contains tiny Magnetic Fibres. Always shake the Magnetic Eyeliner before each use for the best results!


When you remove your Magnetic Eyelashes, you have to make sure that you take good care of them afterwards. You can get up to 35 uses of the same lashes! 

Step 1: Gently remove your Magnetic Lashes and Liner by grabbing the outer corner and slowly pulling away from your lash line towards your inner eye corner. Make sure you are grasping the lash band and not the lashes or magnets.

Step 2: Clean your eyelids and the magnets on the lashes with an oil-based cleanser or warm water. If there is any dried magnetic liner stuck onto the magnets, you can also use your thumbnail to scratch them off as much as possible. 

Step 3: Put your magnetic lashes back into the Lash Sets box. Putting them onto the magnetic portion of the box will allow them to stay in good shape so that they are reusable










PR Global Store was founded in the heart of the United Kingdom with the goal of bringing year round, outside-the-box shopping because as we all know, gifts aren't just for Christmas. We stock nothing but the most innovative and unique products so that you may never again have to hear those dreaded words, "did you keep the receipt?".

The great support we've received from our UK customer base over the years has allowed us to extend our reach to over 50 countries via International Distribution Centres. 

Customer Service is a huge priority for us because let's face it, without you guys none of this would be possible! For this reason we offer around the clock support via email and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We're so confident in the quality of all the products we design and stock that we offer a store-wide 90 day guarantee on absolutely every item in every single order. So whether you're shopping for a friend, family member, other half or simply looking to treat yourself, enjoy it all with the added benefit of being 100% risk free! 

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